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Matcha Maiden: Green Tea Powder - Fit Mixes

Matcha Maiden: Green Tea Powder


Supercharge your balls with Japanese Certified Organic Matcha!

Matcha is made entirely of pure green tea leaves stone ground into a delicate but densely nutritious vibrant green powder. Sourced from the lush green rolling hills of the Uji region in Kyoto Japan, this matcha packed so full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that one serve is the nutritional equivalent of 10 cups of green tea.

We recommend adding 1-2 teaspoons of Matcha to your Fit Mixes for nutritional benefits.

You can mix and match(a) with other healthy recipes too – green tea smoothies, desserts, salad dressings, skincare, every kind of match(a) made in heaven. It is good on-the-go, no equipment or pre-preparation required. Just how I like it.