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5 Top Tips to stay healthy whilst travelling

Healthy living and traveling – two of my favourite things. However, healthy living whilst traveling can be quite a challenge! I want to show you that you can make healthy choices during travel. Follow these top tips to feel great when you’re away from home.
1. Pack your own plane food
Just because you're stuck on a plane doesn't mean you have to eat the congealed meat and starchy sides the airlines call food. Your first line of defence against unhealthy airline menus is to pack some food from home. I usually opt for hard-boiled eggs, pre-roasted pumpkin and salad. Don’t forget snacks too - think raw nuts, celery and carrot sticks with hummus, homemade energy bars or my favourite protein balls (wink wink)....
2. Hydrate
Flights, air conditions, hot temperatures and alcohol can al play havoc with your hydration levels. Keep a sports bottle with you at all times so you can mindless sip away at it throughout the day.
3. Order wisely
While the temptation of delicious and new foods might be calling, it might be wise to limit the amount of fried food you consume. Instead, look for lighter options that are grilled, poached or oven baked. Also, think about ordering leafy greens or vegetables as a side instead of bread or rice.
4. Keep germs away
Keep a small bottle of hand sanitiser in your pocket. They’re great to preventing the spread of bacteria. Use before and after meals – as well as after touching the local currency.
5. Get moving
Ask the locals about local well-known running tracks, take or hike or go swimming in the ocean. If you prefer to stay inside, that’s cool too.
Believe it or not, you require very little space to get a full body workout. Consider the size of a yoga mat and work within those dimensions. You can easily practice sun salutations, or work your core with planks and crunches.