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Mix Mate: Dearna from @ToHerCore


We LOVE seeing your creations here at Fit Mixes HQ! Nothing makes us happier than seeing you get creative with our clean treats. This simple recipe is brought to your by Mix Mate Dearna - master photographer, food styler and instgrammer over at @tohercore. We caught up with her to ask her some all-important questions, and get her delicious cookie recipe.

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  1. Your go-to breakfast? I'm a massive fan of oats, so most mornings I'll have some type of porridge with fresh fruit and yoghurt. I try to mix it up a little though with veggie-based smoothies and baked eggs, but oats have always been my fav!

  2. Who is your favourite foodie inspiration? I love Yotam Ottonlenghi - his recipes are always interesting and delicious! I also love Sarah Britton and Heidi Swanson who are both great at creating healthy dishes which ooze flavour and personality.

  3. Top tip for aspiring health food bloggers? Keep at it! Consistency is important, not just for growing and maintaining your audience, but also for helping you learn and grow yourself. And be YOU - it's all well and good to look up to other food bloggers but those that are unique and true to themselves are the ones that always stand out. 

  4. What food item could you absolutely not live without? Probably my Vitamix - it's so handy for making smoothies, blending nuts, grains and legumes into meal/flour, making nutmilks, blending soups etc. I use mine at least once a day.

  5. One thing people don’t know about you? I am a massive softie when it comes to sad movies, or even movies that other people don't find particularly emotional - it's rare that I leave a cinema with dry eyes!}

  6. Favourite cafe + recommended dish? My favorite cafe in Hobart is Pollen, its such a quaint little cafe thats perfect to cosy up in with a big mug of their housemade chai and delicious baked eggs. 

  7. Best piece of advice you’ve ever received? I cant remember who first taught me this technique, but taking three deep breathes whenever facing a stressful situation - it really helps to centre you so that you can think straight rather than letting the stress get to you.

  8. Your Fit Mixes creation:  Raw Gingerbread Cookies! Get the recipe right here.