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Mix Mate: Holly from @Paradise_Pantry


This recipe is brought to you by Mix Mate Holly - who makes us dribble on our phones with her super healthy dishes. Talented photographer and foodie, she's studying Nutrition & Dietetics on the Gold Coast, and shares her pics on Instagram at @paradise_pantry. We caught up with her to ask her some all-important questions, and get the secret to her delicious Cookie Dough Melting Moments recipe!
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  1. What’s your go-to breakfast? Mmmm breakfast, my favourite meal. If I’m feeling like something sweet I’ll always reach for a bowl of homemade banana granola with freshly made almond milk and berries. Or if I’m leaning towards something savoury  avocado on a slice of life changing loaf with a matcha latte makes gets me excited to wake up. 

  2. What’s your first memory in the kitchen? Helping my mum sift the flour for pancakes or muffins. Then her teaching me how to make them and now I make them for her ☺  Oh and always asking to lick the bowl. 

  3. Who is your source of foodie inspiration? Green Kitchen Stories, My New Roots and Teresa Cutter – they all have amazing recipes, photos, and attitudes to health. Just one look at their blogs and I feel so inspired. 

  4. For our clean treat makers, can you share any tips or advice? Even the clean treats are still treats, its easy to slip into the mindset that just because the ingredients are healthy that it is an everyday food. Most of us don’t need large amounts of energy day to day, so the treats are not something that we should eat everyday as much as I would like them to be. I’ll try to have fruit as an afternoon snack with a tea and save that piece of raw peppermint slice for after a long swim/power yoga or a special occasion.

  5. How do you like to get moving? There is a great running track near my house, so I love going for walks/runs on weekends. During the week, I love de-stressing after work with a boxing or Pilates class. 

  6. Which cafe on the Gold Coast are you currently loving? I can always go a pizza from Mandala Organic Arts Café, always. I plan on getting back to Marie Anitas Gluten Free Café at Burleigh ASAP, amazing menu! 

  7. If I looked inside your fridge what would I find? Mostly beautiful fresh organic fruits and vegetables from Farmer Fosters Veggie Boxes, I tend to focus my meals around them. Otherwise you’d be seeing homemade nut milks, nut butters, homemade ginger kefir, organic cheddar cheese, organic eggs, quinoa, brown rice, homemade treats for yoga and myself, Blaze’s dog biscuits and leftovers. 

  8. If you could invite any celebrity/ famous person to dinner, who would it be and why? Any of the above people {question 3}. We could just cook, photograph, chat and eat together. I think it would be a dinner filled with laughter, passionate people and nutritious food. 

  9. Tell us a fun fact that people don't know about you? In my gap year/years(!) I was a snowboard instructor in Whistler, Canada. That’s where I really started doing a lot of cooking and discovered my love of yoga. Plus, I met my partner over there! If you still don’t know what you want to do a gap year is a great choice, only amazing things came from mine.

  10. Your Fit Mixes creation: Cookie Dough Melting Moments! Get the recipe right here.