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Savvy Snacker Pack (4 Mixes)

Savvy Snacker Pack (4 Mixes)

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Promotional stock expiry: July 31, 2023.

Can't decide which mix to roll with? We've got you covered with one of each (60 balls - that's 20 servings!) so whether you're recovering from a gruelling workout, need a snack in between emails or just need to kick a sweet tooth, I'm here for you.

The ultimate healthy antidote to satisfy your sweet tooth and keep your blood sugar levels happy! Guilt-free snacking for busy babes.

You'd be surprised what some brands hide in their balls. My mixes are 100% natural, high protein, with no added sugars and taste crazy-delicious. Bonus: you can actually read and pronounce our ingredients list! Head to each product page to see detailed nutritional info and how we mix these bad-boys.

This pack contains:

1 x Cookie Dough Mix

1 x Chocolate + Chia Mix

1 x Vanilla + Coconut Mix

1 x Matcha Cheesecake Mix *NEW*