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Vanilla + Coconut Protein Ball Mix - Fit Mixes
Vanilla + Coconut Protein Ball Mix - Fit Mixes

Vanilla + Coconut Protein Ball Mix

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There’s a reason why I taste so good; I’m made from all natural ingredients. Not only that, I can multitask. With a little DIY on your part, I can help fill you up for longer and help build lean muscle.

Roll me into supercharged snacks and nourish your body with essential nutrients you need to thrive. My high quality pea protein has a digestibility rating of 98%, so amino acids are quickly absorbed and put to work. No fillers, additives or artificial ingredients so you get all of the good stuff, and none of the bad. 

It’s as easy as adding me to a bowl, stirring in yummy stuff, and rolling. You can do that, right?

Why do I need a boost?

Protein is an essential part of your diet which works to support energy levels, lean muscle mass, a strong immune system and weight control. Due to increasingly common food intolerances, lifestyle choices and digestive disorders, it’s becoming more difficult to reach your daily protein needs (boo!).

I go easy on your tummy with protein free from all egg, dairy and animal products, plus a balanced amino acid profile, and a pH level of 7.5 – making me a great snack buddy in your healthy diet.

To snack, or not to snack?

Enjoy me any time you need a tasty pick-me-up, or throw me in your gym bag for post-workout recovery fuel.

With a low sugar profile, my balls are the perfect way to kick afternoon cravings too!

The important stuff:

  • Makes approx. 15 protein balls
  • Once rolled, I can chill in your fridge for 7 days
  • What to add: coconut oil rice malt syrup or honey + water.


Tip: get creative by stirring in some optional extras before rolling. Try a squeeze of lemon for an immunity-boosting tropical twist, or check out my recipes for more creative #inspo.


Natural Almond Meal, Vanilla Pea Protein (Pea Protein Isolate, Natural Vanilla, Natural Fruit Protein (Thaumatin)), Unsweetened Dried Coconut. | Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans. Contains Nuts.