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5 health benefits of cashews

Image credit: @aheartsmumur I'm a HUGE fan of creamy, crunchy cashews - get your hands on my Cookie Dough or Matcha Mixes and you'll know why. Apart from tasting awesome, they also happen to be great for your health #bonus. Here's why it's great to include them in your diet: 1. Protein Just a handfuls of cashews (about 18) gives you close to 5g of plant-based protein, to help stabilise blood sugar levels and repair muscles after a workout. 2. Magnesium Cashews are packed with vitamins and minerals that love your body right back. They're particularly good on the magnesium front. Great for soothing and relaxing muscles, magnesium also helps you get a restful nights sleep. 3. Vitamin E Vitamin E is a powerful...

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