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Double Choc & Almond Butter Cookie Dough Protein Balls

I can't get enough of these amazing  chocolate covered bites of decadence! Sugar free and totally nourishing, you'll be back for more... Massive thanks to Fit Mix Fittie extrodinaire @ThreeSilverSpoons for this creation! Ingredients: Fit Mixes Cookie Dough Organic Coconut Oil Raw cacao powder Nut Butter Rice Malt Syrup Method: 1. First, you roll up a batch of Fit Mixes Cookie Dough Balls (so easy and quick). Resist the temptation to devour them now, and stick them in the fridge for 30 minutes.  2. Next, take your favourite nut butter spread (I used both @rustysnuts cacao & coconut and butter and in a seperate batch, @mayversfood coconut super spread (or their almond cacao coconut would work great too) and if it's super thick, dilute with a...

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